What you will learn

During the course you will discover how to

  • Set your bank accounts up to reduce your excess spending with minimal effort

  • Learn about the 6 types of expenses you need to plan for to succeed with money

  • Quickly improve your cashflow so you can reduct debt and boost rainy day fund

Course curriculum

    1. Before you start

    2. Success Through Completion

    1. How the Program Works

    2. Support during the program

    1. Overview

    2. Bank Account Setup Recorded session

    3. Account Setup

    4. Setting-Up-Bank-Accounts PDF

    5. Six Expense Types Overview

    6. The-Six-Expense-Types PDF

    7. Spending Plan Transactions Weekly Expenses 1

    8. Weekly FFFI Amount

    9. Need a private 'Bank Account & FFFI' session

    10. Checklist

    11. Quiz

    1. Congratulations!

    2. More Resources for you

    3. Before you go...

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Take your first step towards freedom


Spending Planner Amira MacCue

Amira is the founder of Your Money Habit. Amira is the founder and CEO of Your Money Habit, an organisation that prides itself of supporting people on the journey from shame, fear and embarrassment around their finances to one of confidence and self respect. As a certified Spending Planner and qualified Bookkeeper, her primary role is to help clients learn the skills and techniques of personal finance management; budgeting and spending. Through this, she empowers you to be confident in managing your money and achieving your personal financial goals.